Factory Tour


Zipper Production Line

DTM Tapes
Dye the tape to match the color customer request, ensure even dyeing,  ,good colorfastness to washing, softness and smoothness, no dirt or scar.

Teeth Implanting
Metal or plastic teeth are fixed to the edge of tapes, ensure flat appearance, smooth in zipping, low in zipping resistance and the like in zipping process.

Metal zipper should be polished to ensure the surface is smooth and there is no sharp edges.

The plating should be put onto the teeth to protect the trims and match the garment.

After fix the top stop, bottom stop, fastener box to the teeth, the zipper is assembled with the slider, which moves to engage or separate the teeth.

Total Quality Management is adopted to carry out sampling and inspection in every production stage, from raw material procurement to finished products, ensuring that the highest quality is maintained to meet worldwide market standards. Our well-trained QC staff conduct inspections and tests at every stage of production.

Solid plastic bags and cartons are applied to ensure there is no damage or leakage in transit. Special package are available upon request.