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Metal Trims

Metal Trims Production Line

Mold Opening
We’ll make a mold drawing as per the artwork or actual samples provided by the client, then we’ll star to open mold after the drawing is approved. It takes 2 or 3 weeks to make a new mold.

Die Casting/Stamping
The metal blanks are made by the die-casting machine or stamping machines.

Generally the trims are polished by machines, however, to have a smooth surface and shiny finish, the trims should be polished by hand, which would take much more time.

Electroplating or Enameling
The plating or enamel should be put onto the trim’s surface to protect the trims and match the garment. All kinds of electroplating and enamel colors are available upon request.

For some trims like tack buttons, snap fasteners, the cap should be assembled with the under parts.

Total Quality Management is adopted to carry out sampling and inspection in every production stage, from raw material procurement to finished products, ensuring that the highest quality is maintained to meet worldwide market standards. Our well-trained QC staff conduct inspections and tests at every stage of production.

Solid plastic bags and cartons are applied to ensure there is no damage or leakage in transit. Special package are available upon request.

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