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Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility (I)

Child Labor
Being privy to our social responsibility, we at Weili do not employ any individual under the age of 18.

Forced Labor
Weili does not engage forced labor. It also does not deal with any contractor or organization which employs forced labor.

Weili is an equal opportunity employer. We treat all employees with equal dignity and respect, without any discrimination. At Weili, we enforce strict Antidiscrimination Policy.


Weili provides wages and fringe benefits on time, in compliance with the applicable laws. We have performance management systems to judge the performances of individuals for motivational and career development. At Weili we reward Performance and Commitment.

Working Hours

Weili does not require an employee to work more than 48 hours a week as per labor laws. Workers may be asked to put in 60 hours work depending on the nature of work. Overtime wages are paid for extra hours as per labor laws.

Disciplinary Practices
Continuous effort is made to maintain a pleasant and conducive work environment. Through regular monitoring the Management ensures that personnel delegated supervisory powers, under any circumstances cannot use corporal punishment or employ verbal abuse or harassment.

Occupational Health and Safety
Weili believes that its team is the core asset and matters related to health and safety are its direct responsibility under ILO conditions and SA 8000 requirements. The company provides first aid supplies, firefighting equipment, marked fire exits etc. All employees are provided with Personal Safety Equipment (PSE) depending upon their work situation. We also ensure that our factories are maintained in good working condition

Freedom of Association

Weili respects all basic rights of workers as described under the framework of labor laws applicable in China. All workers are free to join trades unions and exercise the rights under the collective bargaining system.

Social Responsibility (II)
.Purified Water
.Free IT Centre
.Medicare co-ordinated through the local hospital
.Life Insurance Coverage
.Fire Fighting and Security Training
.Play Ground
.Basketball Facility
.Badminton Facility
.Health Club