Company Information

Quality Control

QC/Technical Support:
Weili has always concentrated its efforts on quality enhancement, advanced technology and systematic management systems. Total Quality Management is adopted to carry out sampling and inspection in every production stage, from raw material procurement to finished products, ensuring that the highest quality is maintained to meet worldwide market standards.
Our well-trained QC staff conduct inspections and tests at every stage of production. Lab tests are conducted with the aid of sophisticated testing equipment.

Procedures/testing Details:
We have in-house lab and QC team responsible for all state-of-the-art items during our production. Therefore, we watch over all items with a sharp eye and handle them with care. Among the steps we take to ensure their reliability are: conducting QC procedures from raw material sourcing to assembling, in-process and final stage quality checks before shipment. Our customers are overwhelmed by how our quality control exceeds their requirements.